Meet the Artist

Hand hammering designs into copper, building 11 foot tall metal Giraffe sculptures, mixing wrought iron with plasma cut steel and copper sea creatures, and making custom signs for local shops. It’s all a fun challenge and I enjoy it.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawn to things made from metal. By high school, I was learning metal fabrication and welding. A love with building things with my hands ensued. Many years in Aerospace fabricating Stealth air and sea craft pushed my interests and skills further.

Now, I live by the sea with my wife, which along with my love for metal craftsmanship has inspired the creation of Naked Monkey Designs artwork.

My Etsy site just scratches the surface of what i can do with metal, so if you have an idea, need or passion let me know. I am sure we can make it a reality.

                           – Marcus Crider  (Metal Fabricator/Creative Designer)

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